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Foreign & World Bonds

Foreign & World Bonds Rates, Yields, New issues, Ratings, Quotes & Currency News

The Premier Online Leader for Foreign & World Bonds
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Discovering the Best Foreign & World Bond Rates

First, what type of foreign and world bonds are you looking for?

Contact us and we will assist you in finding the best yields. We will look into any major country (whether government or corporate bonds) and advise you on the quantity. Additionally, you may purchase in the country’s currency or in US currency.

Secondly, do you desire advising on your portfolio’s allocation?

A Durig Advisor, with over 20 years of experience, will help you determine the best balanced allocation approach not only between stocks and bonds, but also specifying which stocks provide protection through ideal diversification. This is all based on your comfort level. We always put your interest first to help you achieve your goals!

Below you will find the latest news, a list of national products and an investment calculator… Now, you have the tools you need to discover the right Bonds for your portfolio.

Foreign Bond

Foreign Currency Bond

Global Bond

World Bond

World Bond News

Foreign & World Bond Rates News

Foreign & World High Short Bonds

This Weeks Selected High Yielding World Bond Idea 

Foreign & World Bond Default News

Distressed Debt Options

Foreign & World Bond Rating Change News

Take advantage of our future  investment opportunities. Throughout the month, we research the top bonds and stocks according to our review process. Then, we post the review article in order to pass them onto you.

We can help you secure the top rates available. Please contact us to speak with a highly experienced and registered Durig Advisor, who put your interest first!

Hundreds of additional bonds can be found in the INDEX

If you enjoy Bonds and Stock news and information is for you.  We provide multiple live news feeds, focusing on the core fundamentals of the companies.  We’re working hard to provide a simple and robust service displaying many of the leading aggregated news retrievals, giving you the widest sections of news sources on a single company and page that we could identify.  Based on our multiple information sources on a single company and page, that’s fast, fresh, transparent while also providing significant in-depth company information making one of best locations for you daily reviews, helping you to become far better informed with your Stock and especially your Bond knowledge.

Thank you for coming and please share our service with your friends!


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Get a Quote

The following is the current options we provide you when you request a quote:

  • Government Bonds, in most major countries.
  • Foreign Corporate  Bonds, most major corporate debt in a county.
  • Government  and Corporate debt in US Dollars, if available.
  • Government and Corporate in Foreign Currency, but only outside of US Retirement accounts.

There is a vast number of these options available, and, therefore, impossible to list as we do with our other national fixed-income product pages. Instead, we provide customized quotes to help you solve your needs.

If you do not see the quote you are looking for in the list below under Recent Quotes then please use our Bonds Quote Request form for a private, individual quote.
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Updates to our Distressed Debt 1 Hedge Fund

Updates to our Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Segregated accounts

Durig’s FX2 SMA Ranked 1st by Informa