Providing Quality Fiduciary Services at Very Low Prices

As a fiduciary, it is our duty to try to identify the best service and support for our clients. We selected two firms, and, because we chose two, our clients’ assets are even more secure.

After an intensive review process, we’re proud to offer one of the best firms for our clients: TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Want to Open an Account? Call us… we can make the process quick and easy.

TD Ameritrade Clients may click here to access their TDA account.


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TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation
Type Public (NASDAQ: AMTD)
Founded Omaha, Nebraska (1971)
Headquarters Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Fred Tomczyk, CEO
Joe Moglia, Chairman
J. Joseph Ricketts, Founder
William Gerber, CFO
Chris Armstrong, EVP, Client Group
David Kelley, CIO
stock brokerage
$2.632 Billion USD (2007)
$645.90 Million USD (2007)
3,947 (2006)

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Providing Global High Institutional Yields for our Investors !
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Durig Capital has the highest A+ Rating with the BBB *This site is owned by Durig Capital, LLC (, a Registered Investment Fiduciary.
At Durig Capital, we provide investors with a specialized, transparent fiduciary service at a very low cost. To obtain higher yields and keep costs as low as possible, we typically bundle smaller retail orders into larger institutional sized orders with many global trading firms and bond platforms. Our professional service enables access to a greater spectrum of bonds, higher yields, and lower price points. Most of our client accounts are custodied in their own name at TD Ameritrade Institutional, a large discount service provider that is SPIC insured. We track thousands of bond issues and their underlying fundamentals for months, sometimes years, before finding any that achieve or surpass the targeted criteria we have found to be successful. Our main priority is to provide the best opportunities for our clients. Our bond reviews are published on the Internet and distributed through our free email newsletter to thousands of prospective clients and competitive firms only after we have first served the needs of our clients. Bond selections may not be published if they have very limited availability or liquidity, or viewed as not being in the best interests of our clients. When high yielding bonds with improving fundamentals are acquired at lower costs, Durig Capital believes that investors will appreciate earning higher incomes with our superior high income, low cost, fiduciary services.This service has allowing our clients to achieve both a much higher income combined with far greater diversification. We hear stories daily, about how investors have looked for years on the internet for help, in their global pursuit to diversify their portfolio utilizing high yielding individual international bonds, and they were excited to finally identify a fiduciary firm that was able to help them to achieve their income goals. With our personal attention, depth in knowledge, and our many outstanding conveniences, we're better able to help you, the Income investor, achieve the real savings in time, effort, and money that you desire form a true investment fiduciary.