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Global, Foreign and World Stocks and Bonds

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Global, Foreign and World stocks

Many people ask how do I buy stock and or Bonds in foreign country.  We can help.

At Durig Capital, we provide a global and international reach along with our strong domestic stock and bond research.  We can attain most publicly traded equities in the following countries with access to the stock exchanges below.  We often find better value and income, opening clients opportunities with the globe

Country Country Code Currency Currency Code Principal Stock Exchange
Australia AU Australian Dollar AUD Australian Stock Exchange
Austria AT Euro EUR Vienna Stock Exchange
Belgium BE Euro EUR Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange
Canada CA Canadian Dollar CAD Toronto Stock Exchange
Denmark DK Krone DKK Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Finland FI Euro EUR Helsinki Stock Exchange
France FR Euro EUR Euronext Paris Stock Exchange
Germany DE Euro EUR Deutsche Borse – Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Greece None Euro EUR Athens Stock Exchange
Hong Kong HK Hong Kong Dollar HKD Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Ireland IE Euro EUR Irish Stock Exchange
Italy IT Euro EUR ItalianStock Exchange
Japan JP Japanese Yen JPY Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mexico MX Peso MXN Mexican Stock Exchange
The Netherlands NL Euro EUR Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange
New Zealand NZ New Zealand Dollar NZD New Zealand Stock Exchange
Norway NO Norwegian Krone NOK Oslo Stock Exchange
Poland PL Polish Zloty PLN Warsaw Stock Exchange
Portugal PT Euro EUR Lisbon Stock Exchange
Singapore SG Singaporean Dollar SGD Stock Exchange of Singapore
South Africa ZA South African Rand ZAR Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Spain ES Euro EUR Madrid Stock Exchange
Sweden SE Swedish Krona SEK Stockholm Stock Exchange
Switzerland CH Swiss Franc CHF Swiss Exchange
United Kingdom GB U.K. Pound Sterling GBP London Stock Exchange
United States US U. S. Dollar USD NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX

We provide many levels of services and this international stock and bond services:

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See our high yielding, short fixed income portfolios FX1, FX2 and FX3.

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